About Us

Core Engineering Services provides consulting and design engineering to the mining and forestry industries.

Core Engineering does not offer pre-determined solutions, but rather our focus is to work with our clients addressing their needs individually. Projects are developed with a simple practical approach. We draw on experience we have gained from working with our clients, various mills and various industries. In brief, we work to provide solutions that meet our client's needs with the greatest total practical value. We always approach any task with that attitude.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients by completing projects of small to medium size year in and year out. The development of long-term relationships with our core clients reduces costs of finding a consultant for these smaller projects. Trust and familiarity are already established with the site, personnel, standards and procedures that are unique to each and every client. 


Our Values

 Our Clients needs are the reason for our business.

We work in unison with all project contributors to ensure our client's needs are achieved.

We retain staff with expertise and efficiency which allows us to exceed our client's expectations.

We provide our staff with the tools and atmosphere to realize their greatest potential.